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Sewage Treatment Equipment

PSSD4-TRP1010 S ewage T reatment E quipment I ntroduction The principle behind the Lifeng PSSD system is “mobile sludge dewatering in volume deduction ”. it realising that an average tanker load of sludge contained a high percentage of water which was needlessly being transported to the waste...

PSSD4-TRP1010 Sewage Treatment Equipment Introduction
The principle behind the Lifeng PSSD system is “mobile sludge dewatering in volume deduction ”. it realising that an average tanker load of sludge contained a high percentage of water which was needlessly being transported to the waste water treatment plant, and then decided to develop a system that would take the waste water treatment plant to treat the sludge onsite and the PSSD was born.


PSSD4-TRP1010 Sewage Treatment Equipment Features
Compact design, all procedure of machines is sort inside one container.

Fast delivery and start-up because of the portable concept.

Good performance, an approximate volume reduction of between 60%-90%.

Minimum construction work on site and easy to relocate, so transport time, running and labor costs are greatly reduced.

Low maintenance and minimum operation requirements.
Many years development experience.

PSSD4-TRP1010 Sewage Treatment Equipment Application
LIFENG PSSD has been specifically designed for operating in restrictive areas, such as in urban and rural situations where traditional systems have difficulty. Dewatering with LIFENG PSSD system has its advantages over traditional systems, where sludge’s with a relatively high water content are found, where there is a need to refill the emptied tanks, e.g. septic tanks.
Chemical industry
The river
Septic tanks
Oil separators
Service stations


PSSD4-TRP1010 Sewage Treatment Equipment Structure 





PSSD4-TRP1010 Sewage Treatment Equipment Model


PSSD4-TRP1010 Sewage Treatment Equipment FAQ

Question 1: If the same kind of sand in the sewage particles will not shorten the service life of the laminated, obviously not obvious?
Mainly will aggravate the wear of laminated pieces, if only ordinary low hardness sand is not obvious, if the higher hardness of quartz sand, corundum sand and so the impact is more obvious.

Question 2: Control Cabinet
The components of control cabinet we use Schneide, Omron.
The display screen is touch screen, which is easy for operation.

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