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What Kinds Of Sludge Dewatering Effect Is The Pressure Filter Type Sludge Dewatering Machine
Aug 27, 2017

At present, there are more sludge dewatering equipment in the market, in which the filter-type sludge dewatering machine is widely used. Filter press is sludge dewatering machine is sludge filter, mainly divided into belt filter press, plate filter Press, Box filter press, diaphragm filter press, as well as a new type of sludge pressure filter machine-ultra-high pressure sludge pressure dryer. The working principle of the filter type Sludge dewatering machine is different, and the effect in sludge dewatering is not the same.
Belt Filter Press is the only sludge pressure filter with continuous sludge dewatering, which has high sludge dewatering efficiency. But the Belt filter press also has the obvious malpractice, is the sludge dehydration rate is low, only can dehydrate the sludge to the water content 80%, can not realize the sludge effective reduction quantity.
Plate-Frame filter press, box-type filter press, diaphragm pressure filter machine is intermittent sludge dewatering equipment, and plate-frame filter press, box-type pressure filter itself without pressure, or low pressure, sludge dehydration treatment, can reach the water content of more than 75%, although compared with the belt filter press treatment of mud cake with low water content, but for sludge reduction, the resource of treatment, There is still a gap.
Diaphragm pressure filter in the traditional pressure filter sludge dewatering machine, is a better dewatering effect, can be municipal sludge dehydration to water content of 70%, some industrial sludge treatment to water content of 60%, and relatively high degree of automation.
The above is the market common 5 kinds of pressure filter sludge dewatering machine, as well as various sludge dewatering machine dewatering effect. To build sludge treatment and disposal engineering customers can make reference to choose the new sludge dewatering equipment in line with environmental protection policy, so as to facilitate the long-term development of the project.