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Sludge Water Content Is Too High, How To Effectively Dehydrate
Aug 31, 2017

Most of the sludge we see on a daily basis is not treated by a sludge dewatering machine, water content is very high, disorderly flow, in fact, the sewage sludge is mainly composed of 4 parts, surface adsorption water and capillary combined water accounted for 10% of the water in the sludge, all kinds of capillary combined water accounted for the total amount of water in the sludge 20%, gap water accounted for about 70% of total sludge water. Sludge Dewatering machine to these four parts of water treatment effect:
(1) surface adsorption of water, refers to adsorption on the surface of sludge particles of water, about 8% of the sludge water. Sludge is often in colloidal state, so the surface tension adsorption water more, precipitation can not be separated, sludge dewatering machine by high-speed gravity centrifugal separation can be removed.
(2) internal (combined) water, surrounded by sludge particles or microbial cell membrane of water, about 2% of the sludge water, this part of the water sludge dewatering machine can not be removed, but can be biological effect of the cell biochemical decomposition, or other methods to remove.
(3) Capillary combination of water, in the fine sludge solid particles around the water, as a result of capillarity, not only can constitute in the contact surface of solid particles as a result of capillary pressure on the role of the formation of a wedge-shaped capillary water, but also can be filled with the solid cracks in the capillary combination of water, all kinds of capillary combined water accounted for 20% of the total moisture in the sludge By exerting centrifugal force, negative pressure and other external forces, the capillary surface tension and cohesion of the force to break apart.
(4) Interstitial water, not directly bonded with solids but exists in the sludge between particles called interstitial water. Its acting force is weak, so it is easy to separate, can be separated by sludge dewatering machine and efficiently. This part of the water is the main object of sludge thickening. The clearance water accounted for 70% of the total amount of sludge water.