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Apr 17, 2018


Before the isolated sewage sludge can be utilized, it goes through a stage of dehydration.

Sludge dewatering reduces its volume. Therefore, the mechanical dehydration of sewage sludge is now widespread. Today,mechanical sludge dewatering is the most effective method used for sludge treatment.

Currently Lifeng Environment uses various types of mechanical dewatering systems such as:

· PSSD portable sewage sludge dewatering;

· MDS screw dehydrators;

· TRP solid liquid separator.

Delivery and commissioning of Sludge Dewatering Equipment.

Lifeng Environment carries out the whole range of services associated with treatment facilities, including the supply and commissioning of equipment for sludge dewatering, such as screw dehydrators, TRP solid liquid separator, PSSD portable sewage sludge dewatering etc. Our experts will select the best method of sludge dewatering, then hold the consultations on setup and operation of mechanical equipment. They’ll help to calculate and select the best equipment for each specific case, and commission mechanical dewatering installations.