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Prospect Of Sludge Treatment How To Seize The Opportunity To Sail
Sep 04, 2017

It is estimated that by 2020, China's urban sludge production capacity will reach 74.6243 million tons. The 2015 issue of "water 10" requires that the existing sludge treatment facilities in the end of 2017 to achieve the basic completion of the transformation, the land level and above the municipal sludge harmless at the end of 2020 up to 90%. It is estimated that the new sludge treatment equipment investment will reach 50.06 trillion, sludge treatment and disposal is a huge market.
Industrial wastewater sludge, urban sewage sludge, water sludge, rivers and lakes dredging sludge, and even oil fields after the production of sludge need to be treated. At present, the methods of sludge treatment mainly include land use, landfill, incineration and composting. Sludge incineration technology has been gradually becoming the mainstream technology of sludge treatment, which has the characteristics of reducing, stabilizing and harmless. The core equipment of sludge reduction includes the spiral dewatering machine, the belt dewatering machine centrifugal dewatering machine, the plate-frame dehydration machine and so on.
Sludge treatment industry market gradually opened, the future into this field of enterprises will also increase, competition will be more intense. In the sludge treatment industry, new enterprises to enter the field of sludge dewatering equipment, to cross what necessary "threshold"? Enterprises must first have their own core technology and a complete set of solutions, can be based on sludge treatment market. In order to develop in the medium and long term, we must have our own core technology and high cost-effective products to meet the needs of customers. "said the flower Cheng.
In recent years, sludge production has been rising, the production of sludge in 2015 was 35 million tons, increasing by 16%. With the arrival of "Thirteen-Five", the amount of sludge will increase. Compared with the increasing trend of sludge production, the effective treatment rate of sludge is low, so the present situation is both an opportunity and a challenge for environmental protection enterprises.