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Production Management Principle Of Sludge Dewatering Machine
Aug 21, 2017

Enterprises in the use of sludge dewatering equipment adhere to the following principles, can achieve the best treatment effect, maximum processing capacity and the lowest flocculant consumption.
1. In the process of sludge dewatering, when the feed concentration changes to adjust the flocculant flow and differential speed, it is necessary to ensure the treatment effect and avoid waste;
2, Sludge dewatering machine processing capacity control in the appropriate range, combined with the feed quantity, dosage and the difference between the adjustment, to avoid due to sudden increase in load caused by equipment overload to make the system frequent fluctuations and affect the processing effect, at the same time to achieve greater equipment processing efficiency;
3, the Mud biscuit degree to combine the torque to determine the best differential speed, in principle, do not cause the sludge dewatering machine plugging and to meet the processing capacity of the situation to use the lower differential speed to obtain more dry mud cake;
4, the consumption of the medicament depends on the quality of the medicament and the matching of the nature of the sludge and the equipment structure type and operation condition match, only to find a balance point between the two, can realize the minimum medicament consumption;
5, Sludge dewatering site management and operation personnel should be constantly observed, timely adjustment and good summary, as far as possible in all kinds of changes in the search for the best relative stability of the parameters of the perfect fit. In general, 1-2 hours should be a observation and adjustment, strictly avoid the operation of equipment after the operating parameters to maintain a long time or a shift without any adjustment of the situation appears, on-site operator responsibility can effectively guarantee sludge dewatering workshop operation efficiency, treatment effect and drug consumption.