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Precautions For Use Of Sludge Dewatering Equipment
Sep 02, 2017

Sludge dewatering equipment is widely used in municipal sludge, chemical, papermaking, tanning, printing and dyeing, and other industries of continuous dehydration, the machine automation is high, energy-saving, efficient, low operating costs, easy to use and maintenance. The following Zhengzhou peak sludge treatment equipment manufacturers to introduce you to the sludge dewatering equipment Use Note:
1. According to the requirements of the dehydration machine, observe the observation items and check and maintain the machine regularly.
2. Check the wear of the wear parts of the dewatering machine regularly and replace them if necessary.
3. It is found that hard particles such as sand grains in the mud will be repaired immediately after the damage caused by the filter belt, drum or screw conveyor.
4. The sludge dewatering machine's slurry separation effect is affected by the temperature greatly.
5. When the dewatering machine is down, it is necessary to ensure sufficient water flushing time to ensure a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of the machine to reduce the likelihood of odor.
6. Dehydration should always observe and detect dehydration effect, if the mud cake containing solids drop or filtrate turbidity, should take timely measures to be resolved.
The above is the use of sludge dewatering equipment considerations