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One Minute To Show You The Mystery Of The Screw-type Sludge Dewatering Machine
Jul 20, 2017

First, the principle of work:
The working principle of the screw sludge dewatering machine is that the fixed ring and the swimming ring are stacked together, and the spiral axis is pushed through the filter device formed by it. The front end of the concentrated part is the dehydration department. The filter joint formed between the fixed ring and the swimming ring and the pitch of the helical shaft gradually become smaller from the thickening part to the dewatering part. Spiral shaft rotation in the promotion of sludge from the concentration of the department to the dehydration, but also constantly drive the swimming ring to clean the filter seam to prevent blockage. Sludge concentration is not concentrated after gravity, was transported to the dehydration department, in the progress of the process with the filter and pitch gradually smaller, as well as under the action of the platen, resulting in a great internal pressure, shrinking volume, to achieve the purpose of full dehydration.
Second, advantages:
1, wide range of application-for municipal, food and beverage, slaughter and breeding, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, paper, leather, pharmaceutical, and other industries sludge dehydration;
2, the equipment is not easy to plug--unique static and dynamic ring filter structure makes the equipment is not easy to plug, no need to prevent the blockage of the filter and a large number of flushing, thoroughly reduce the flushing water consumption, reduce the internal circulation burden, solve the traditional equipment plug to the enterprise troubles.
3, continuous automatic operation-------Laminated sludge dewatering machine from the extraction of sludge, injection of liquid medicine, the discharge of sludge cake are automatic control, through the electronic control cabinets, and foam machine, into the mud pump, dosing pump, such as linkage, do not need personnel operation equipment, operation will not be blocked, filter away from other process safety phenomenon, daily maintenance simple, No one can run for 24 hours. The first realization of the real sense of sludge dehydration continuous automatic operation.
4, save operating costs-integrated overall design, compact design, substantial savings in operating costs. The low speed spiral extrusion technology makes the power consumption greatly reduced, the equipment is not plugged, the flushing water is greatly reduced, the 24-hour automatic unmanned operation and the labor cost are greatly reduced. Therefore, the equipment is also truly a national policy in line with the new energy-saving environmental protection equipment.
5, not two times pollution--the rotational speed of the spiral shaft is about $number/min, no vibration, very small noise; in which the lamination has self-cleaning function, there will be no blockage problem, only a small amount of water rinse, no secondary water pollution; coupled with the sludge in such a slow state of operation, the odor does not spread, thus creating a very good operating environment!
6, the body lightweight and durable-because the direct use of mechanical extrusion technology, no need to drum and other large body, so the machine is very lightweight design; almost all of the body uses stainless steel material, replacement parts only spiral shaft and swimming ring, long service life, durable.
7, Save the Project investment----------Spiral sludge dewatering machine itself has the sludge enrichment function, the direct treatment aeration Pond Aerobic sludge, does not need to concentrate and the storage unit, reduces the sewage treatment facility overall occupies the space the construction cost.
8, enhance the function of phosphorus removal-sludge dehydration under aerobic conditions, will not occur in traditional sludge concentration ponds or storage ponds under hypoxia or anaerobic sludge phosphorus release, thereby enhancing the whole sewage treatment system phosphorus removal function.

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