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Industrial Application Of Sludge Dewatering Machine
Aug 29, 2017

Industrial application of sludge dewatering machine Firstly, the ph value is adjusted to the last cell of the set regulating pool. With dissolved gas pump to pressure dissolved gas tank, in order to inhale air and coagulation decolorizing agent, the saturated dissolved gas water in the pressure dissolved gas tank is released into the Air flotation tank to form the first stage treatment water, the first stage treatment water flows into the buffer pool, 1th, The floating mud in the 2nd Stage Air flotation tank is recycled into the sludge thickening tank, and the sludge dewatering machine is pressed into the filter cake. The removal rate of cod, SS and bod of industrial wastewater treated by this method is $number, and the above accords with the standard of primary water discharge. Biogas generator and biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation of industrial wastewater can be used to drive biogas generators and make full use of the residual heat of generating sets for biogas production, so that the comprehensive thermal efficiency is about 90%, which is much higher than the general power generation efficiency, and the user's economic benefit is a good method for treating industrial wastewater.
Industrial application Method of sludge Dewatering Machine II: After the sewage lifting pump is upgraded through the original sewage of the thick grille, through the grille or micro-filter into the sink pool, through the sand pond separation of sewage into the initial sedimentation tank, above for the first level treatment (physical treatment), the initial sedimentation tank of effluent into the biological treatment equipment, activated sludge and biofilm method ( The activated sludge reactor has aeration tank, oxidation ditch, biofilm method including Biofilter, bio-turntable, bio-contact oxidation and biological fluidized bed (bio-) biological treatment equipment of the effluent into (two sedimentation tank) → (secondary clarifier of effluent through disinfection discharge or into the three-level treatment) → (the first level of processing to the end of this two-level processing) → ( Three-stage treatment includes biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal, coagulation and sedimentation, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion-exchange and electrodialysis) → (a part of the sludge from the two sinks to the initial sedimentation tank or biological treatment equipment) into the sludge concentration tank, then into the sludge digestion tank, after the sludge dewatering machine and other sludge dewatering machine treatment, Sludge Sinotrans landfill or compost utilization.