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Engineering Technology: Comparison Between Belt-type Sludge Dewatering Machine And Laminated Snail-sludge Dewatering Machine
Aug 30, 2017

1. The Belt type Sludge dewatering machine is easy to jam. In the process of solid-liquid separation, both the belt-type and centrifugal dewatering machine, the plate-frame type dewatering machine, there is a phenomenon of easy blockage. Over the years, there has been no radical innovation, which seems to be an impossible problem for the industry to solve. In order to prevent blockage, all of the above models can only use a large amount of water for flushing, which not only causes water wastage, but also a large number of flushing water to increase the burden of sewage treatment cycle. And once the blockage, it must be shut down to overhaul, causing the dehydration machine can not run continuously, affecting the normal production and operation of the enterprise or society. The design principle of spiral pressure filtration with multiple overlapping slices is used in the production of the rich machine. The filter is composed of a fixed ring and a swimming ring, which rotates the swimming ring through the rotation of the spiral shaft, so as to continuously clean the dirt in the gap and prevent the blockage completely.
2. The operating cost of belt-type sludge dewatering machine is too high. Perhaps the people who are really active in the front line of the sewage treatment plant know that it is not too difficult to build a sewage treatment plant, but it is not easy to ensure its normal operation every day because its operating costs are too high for the use of traditional models of sludge dewatering. In addition to including the huge amount of water and electricity, there are labor costs and maintenance costs. And the low speed operation of the sludge dewatering machine, the consumption of electricity is very small, even if the largest model operating hourly power consumption is not more than 2 degrees. And, the realization of continuous unmanned operation, save a lot of labor costs.
3. The normal operation of sludge dewatering machine with traditional model requires the operator to have a strong technical level, and the operator should have a long time system training guide, so the skill level of operators is higher. Laminated snail Sludge dewatering machine, in operation Safety Simple, the implementation of full automation control, very worry, as long as the field technical personnel to carry out a simple training, can be easily steered.
4, the traditional idea that low concentration of sludge dehydration must be concentrated before dehydration, which requires the construction of concentrated and stored pool to the low concentration of sludge enrichment, which seems to be a "common sense." But the laminated snail sludge dewatering machine overturned this "common sense", let people know that the original low concentration of sludge can be directly dehydrated without concentration, thus eliminating the construction of concentrated and storage pool, greatly reducing the sewage treatment plant construction costs and land space. The sludge dewatering machine can directly dehydrate the 2000ml/l above the mud, which not only reduces the construction cost, but also reduces the release of phosphorus and the production of odor under the condition of realizing the direct dehydration of the oxidation ditch.
Centrifugal is better than traditional operation, but the requirement of sludge concentration is higher than that of the stack-screw sludge dewatering machine.