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A New Era Of Environmental Protection And Sludge Treatment By Taking Root-screw Sludge Dewatering Machine
Aug 03, 2017

Sludge Treatment Equipment Market scale is expanding continuously, the spiral sludge dewatering machine as the solid separation equipment which emerges from the recent years, the attention degree is also increasing. The market is blue, the competition is becoming more and more white, to Zhejiang Li Fung Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. as the representative of the "mud-related" enterprises, can continue to the past brilliant?
As one of the key research topics in environmental protection industry, sludge treatment and dewatering has been paid more and more attention in recent years. Series of sludge dewatering equipment, especially the spiral sludge dewatering machine turned out to make "the mud for treasure" become a reality. With the annual increase of sludge production, it is expected that in the next 5 years, China's sludge treatment and disposal investment scale is expected to reach about 36 billion yuan, laminated snail sludge dewatering machine and other sludge treatment equipment industry market. Zhejiang Li Fung Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Li Feng Environmental protection") and other mud-related enterprises are expected to rely on policy and market spring breeze, to achieve rapid rise.
With the "Water 10" and the depth of the supporting rules landed, the field of sludge treatment equipment ushered in the golden age of development. The future development trend of the whole industry, in the establishment of Feng Fung Environmental protection and the process of the exploits can be glimpsed.
Data show that the establishment of green environmental protection is known as "the first year of environmental policy," said March 2015, is a rising star in the field of environmental protection. Since its inception, the company is committed to environmental protection technology research and development, environmental equipment manufacturing, environmental engineering design, construction construction, environmental protection facilities operation, the independent scientific and technological innovation and product quality concept throughout the company's production and manufacturing of every the so-called "judge, sea water can not fight", from the technical strength and personnel composition, Li Fung Environmental protection is a commendable star. According to the introduction, the company by the Doctor as the main body of the leader founder, a large number of outstanding talents in the industry. Co., Ltd. Production director and technical backbone in the spiral machine industry has rooted in many years, has a wealth of experience.
"A business does not need to be too big, but requires technology to be strong enough and global in scope." Li Feng Environmental protection general manager Gulifeng said. The fact is that the huge energy of the small and medium-sized High-tech Enterprises, which has been developed by Feng Fung Environmental protection, is driving the rapid rise of the downstream enterprises in the industrial chain of sludge treatment.
Uphold the purpose of environmental protection, Li Feng Environmental protection pursuit of "people, Nature, science and technology," the perfect balance, to increase scientific research efforts, innovation of its scientific and technological products, blending today's environmental protection development concept, the market-oriented demand, and in the innovation and development at the same time to optimize internal management, to create a meticulous service system for
Especially in the enterprise based on the building of the product system, Li Feng environmental protection using cutting edge advantages, lifting the spiral sludge dewatering machine, flat-plate solid-liquid separation device, mobile magnetic separation sewage Treatment station, automatic dosing device, axis-free screw conveyor and drum micro-filter products, such as technical content, speed up the replacement, To meet the changing needs of the market.
Among them, the company's main products, one of the MDS Cascade Sludge dewatering Machine, as a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment, can reduce sedimentation tank and sludge concentration tank, to save sewage station construction costs, outstanding advantages, and successfully stir up the field of sludge treatment. According to the introduction, the spiral sludge dewatering machine ingenious use of Automatic Update filter cake filter technology instead of traditional filter filter, self-update filter cake filtration technology to ensure that the dehydration machine continuous and stable slurry separation effect, through the screw diameter and pitch changes produced by the strong squeeze pressure, as well as the swimming ring and the fixed ring between the small gap, to achieve the sludge extrusion dehydration.
Compared with traditional solid-liquid separation equipment, Li Feng Environmental protection stack Screw Sludge dewatering machine anti-oily mud ability, low energy consumption, compact structure, clean and environmental protection and no two pollution, day-to-day maintenance simple, has become the current domestic sludge treatment of the mainstream equipment, occupy a larger market share.
Excellent equipment, abundant technology, strong research and development production base, perfect process supervision system and management system, accurate grasp of market dynamics, national policy support ... internal and external repair, indispensable. These are the dynamic engines of the rapid take-off of environmental protection, but also the side of China's sludge treatment market ushered in the opportunity to reflect.
At this stage, the sludge treatment equipment industry is highly dispersed, with the rapid development of the industry, the horse racing period will soon arrive, with core technology and strong capital strength of the enterprises to gain greater market share, industry leaders will rise, market concentration increased. Li Fung Environmental protection in the subsequent fierce competition, to maintain the industry's leading position, and even "brace", to achieve the size of enterprises and business scope of the two double expansion, worth looking forward to.