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Sludge Dewatering Unit

MDS 412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Introduction MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Main body can self-cleaning due to the special structure, threr is no need to use a lot of water for cleaning to prevent clogging. Compared with the same capacity of dewatering machine, screw rinse water consumption is...

MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Introduction
MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Main body can self-cleaning due to the special structure, threr is no need to use a lot of water for cleaning to prevent clogging. Compared with the same capacity of dewatering machine, screw rinse water consumption is only 1% of belt . The rotation speed of screw shaft is 2-5 turn/min , low power consumption. Power consumption is only 5% of the centrifuge, at the same time, no noise during operation as slow rotation speed and intermittent flush.


MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Dewatering Principle
The thickened sludge moves forward continuously from the thickening zone towards the dewatering zone. With the  pitch of the screw shaft thread getting narrower and narrower, the pressure in the filter chamber increases higher and higher. In addition to the pressure generated by the back-pressure plate,  the sludge is greatly pressed and dryer sludge cakes produce.

MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Technical Advantage
1.Widely Use
Can be widely used in municipal sewage, food, slaughtering breeding, printing and dyeing, oil chemical industry, paper making, leather, pharmaceutical and other industries of sludge dewatering;


Due to rotation of helical axis, the moving rings begin detaching from the fixed rings while continuously starting the self-cleaning process. As a result, the ubiquitous clogging is avoided. Therefore, it can handle oily sludge without any trouble while separating the water from the sludge easily. In addition, there is no need to add large quantity of flushing water and there is no odor and no secondary pollution during the dewatering process.


3.Fully Automatic Control
There are no easily blocked pieces such as belt and filtration pore in Multi-Disk Screw Press. Combining with the auto control system, the machine runs very safely and simply and can be programmed according to the requirement of the users. It can operate automatically for 24 hours, unmanned.

4.Save Running Cost
Multi-Disk Screw Press works by the machine’s internal pressure and needs no large scale integrations like rollers. It saves energy and water and has very minimal noise because of low running speed (2-4 r/min). The average unit power consumption is only 0.1-0.01kwh/kg-DS (1/8 of Belt Press and 1/20 of Centrifuge), and can greatly reduce the running cost of wastewater treatment system.

5.Small footprint
MDS dewatering press can be installed in places where placement would not be possible with other technologies. This makes MDS suitable to customers who are considering the replacement of existing dewatering equipment.


MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Application


Lifeng Environmetal Equipment multi-disk screw press can be widely used in municipal waste water treatment engineerings as well as the industrial wastewater treatment systems such as petrochemical processing, light industry, chemical fiber, paper-making, pharmacy and leather etc. The multi-plate screw press, as proven by the practical applications, can help to make considerable economic and social benefits for customers.


MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit FAQ

Screw Shaft
Tungsten carbide coating are done to the screw shaft surface. The hardness can reach HRC 71, most of manufacturers do not have this treatment process, some of the manufacturers will do surface overlaying, alloy overlaying welding, or tungsten carbide welding, its hardness can reach HRC 55-60.
The blade of screw shaft also get chamfering process treatment, to match with the ring.Which also got chamfering process treatment, to form a maximum contacting area. Other companies do not have this procedure.
Screw shaft ends will be processed to ensure the concentricity of the screw, deviation within ±0.1mm


Conicalness of Bearing
The comicalness of bearing from other companies is elliptic shaped, which is made up of two plates, it can not reach the same concentricity and have goodmatch-up.
We uses 2 kiloton hydropress for mould stapming  to process the bearings, the connicalness are of the same concentricity, can achieve seamless contact with the blades.
The screw shaft is designed for dewatering, the pitches between blades and the screw shaft narrow gradually, that requires well match-up between blades and the screw shaft to ensure the pitch.

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