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MDS Sludge Dewatering Machine

  • Dewatering Unit

    Dewatering Unit

    MDS101 dewatering unit introduction MDS101 dewatering unit belongs to the screw press, it's clog-free and can reduce the sedimentation tank and sludge thickening tank, saving the cost of sewage plant construction. MDS101 dewatering unit using screw and the moving rings to...Read More
  • Dewatering System

    Dewatering System

    MDS 202 D ewatering S ystem Introduction MDS202 dewatering system:the sludge thickener thickens sludge with concentration of 1% or less to that with a concentration of 4 to 6%. This mechanical thickening will constantly produce stable thickened sludge, which is difficult with...Read More
  • Sludge Dewatering Unit

    Sludge Dewatering Unit

    MDS 412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Introduction MDS412 Sludge Dewatering Unit Main body can self-cleaning due to the special structure, threr is no need to use a lot of water for cleaning to prevent clogging. Compared with the same capacity of dewatering machine, screw rinse...Read More
  • Sludge Dewatering

    Sludge Dewatering

    MDS131 Sludge Dewatering MDS 131 S ludge D ewatering Introduction The Sludge Dewatering is an enclosed high performance sludge dewatering system. It utilizes a central screw auger and a slowly oscillating multi-disk filter to gradually increase pressure on flocculated sludge...Read More
  • Small Screw Press

    Small Screw Press

    MDS 132 Small Screw Press Introduction MDS132 Small Screw Press can be provided with all equipment required for dewatering included and factory mounted, piped and wired on a single stainless steel skid. This equipment includes the sludge pump, wash water pump, polymer dosing...Read More
  • Dewatering Filter Press

    Dewatering Filter Press

    MDS201 D ewatering F ilter P ress Introduction MDS201 dewatering filter press( Lifeng Environmental Equipment) is known in the wastewater treatment market as one of the most reliable manufacturers that delivers superior performance and customer service. With a humble start in...Read More
  • Solids Dewatering Machine

    Solids Dewatering Machine

    MDS 311 Solids Dewatering Machine Introduction Lifeng Environmental Equipment are always focusing on independent technology innovation of themselves.Under the cooperation with Nanjing Agriculture University, we have successfully developed the new generation of sludge...Read More
  • Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Equipment

    Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Equipment

    MDS 312 Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Equipment Introduction MDS312 Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Equipment: It has solved several technical problems of other similar sludge dewatering equipment including belt presses, centrifuge machines, plate-and-frame filter press have,...Read More
  • Oil Sludge Treatment Machine

    Oil Sludge Treatment Machine

    MDS 313 Oil Sludge Treatment Machine Introduction MDS313 oil sludge treatment machine factors including concurrent water-power, thin layer dewatering, proper pressure and dewatering path extension etc. were applied by the dewatering mechanism of Lifeng Environmental...Read More
  • Dewatering Screw Press

    Dewatering Screw Press

    MDS314 Dewatering Screw Press Introduction MDS314 dewatering screw press which the main part of the dehydrator is a filter device that a screw runs through the stacked fixed rings and moving ring. The small gaps between fixed rings and moving ring can filter the sludge, and...Read More
  • Screw Press Machine

    Screw Press Machine

    MDS 411 Screw Press Machine Introduction MDS411 screw press machine comparing with the traditional belt, plate& frame and centrifugal machine,volute sludge dewatering machine adopts integrated design of dehydration ontology, flocculation mixing tank and electric control...Read More
  • Sludge Dewatering System

    Sludge Dewatering System

    MDS 413 S ludge D ewatering S ystem Introduction MDS413 sludge dewatering system the moving rings rotates continuously up and down under the pushing of the running screw shaft while the gaps between the fixed rings and moving rings are cleaned to prevent from clogging that...Read More
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